Luftwaffe Sweetheart Postcards:  The postcards shown below are what I refer to as "sweetheart
cards".  All of the cards shown are all used Luftwaffe "sweetheart" postcards that were sent to
various recipients during the war.
Luftwaffe Photographs/Postcards:
This page displays original, wartime, Luftwaffe photographs that depict life away from the front.  All
of the postcards and photographs shown on this page are part of my private collection.  These
photographs and postcards are
NOT for sale.  Please do not copy any of these photographs without
permission.  If you are interested in using any of these photographs for any reason, please feel free to
contact me.
Luftwaffe Wedding Photographs:  Like young men from all involved nations, going to war
brought about quick romances and ultimately weddings.  Below are original Luftwaffe
wedding photographs from my private collection.
Of interest in this photograph is the bomb shelter sign posted on the wall
behind, and to the right of the bride and groom and they walk down the steps.
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The Luftwaffe in Paris:
More Luftwaffe Related Photographs:
Luftwaffe Related Postcards:
Flieger Related Postcards:
Above:  An original, war-time autographed photo of
Germany's most success fighter pilot, Erich Hartmann.
 Hartmann achieved 352 air victories during the war.
More candid photographs:
Three photographs depicting the same Luftwaffe man as the war and his life progressed.  The left photograph shows
this Luftwaffe man and his fiancé prior to their wedding, which is shown in the center photograph.  Both of these
photographs are dated 1941.  The photograph on the far right shows the same Luftwaffe man with his young
daughter, with this photograph being dated 1944.
The C.E. Daniel Collection