A majority of my collection centers around the German Luftwaffe and
Wehrmacht.  Luftwaffe items are highly desirable and much more rare than the
American aviation items.  While I do not believe in the political ideologies of the
Third Reich leadership, I have a great admiration for the German aviators.  
Unlike their American counter-parts, the German aviators did not operate on a
"tour schedule" or a set number of missions before they were allowed to return
home.  Luftwaffe pilots often flew until the war ended or serious injury or death
removed them from their combat units.  This can attest to the amazing number
of air victories achieved by Luftwaffe pilots during the war.
Below are thumbnails of just a few of the Luftwaffe and Wehrmacht items in my
collection.  The highlight being a number of original, war time documents and
photographs related to the testing and development of the ME-163 Komet at
Peenemunde, all of which have been ID'd and attributed to Luftwaffe test pilot
Bernard Hohmann
Major Erich Hartmann,
Germany's highest scoring ace
with 352 air victories!
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WWII Luftwaffe Flight Helmets:  (From left
to right, and top to bottom)
1.  Model LKp W 101 Winter Flight Helmet,
complete with all radio components and throat
microphones, shown with Leitz style flight
goggles dated 1939.  2.  Model LKp N
101Netting Flight Helmet, complete with all
radio components and throat microphones,
shown with Uvex style flight goggles.  3.  
Winter Flight Helmet Model K33, shown with
Leitz flight goggles dated 1940.  4.  Summer
Weight, FK34 Flight Crew Helmet with early
style Auer motorcycle/aviation goggles.  5)  
Model LKp S 101 Summer Flight Helmet,
complete with all radio components and throat
microphones, shown with Leitz style flight
goggles.  (A special thank you to Geoff at
www.oldnautibits.com for helping me to
complete this kit.  As always, Geoff helped
me find another hard to find item!)
Numerous items related to the testing of the ME-163 Komet at
Peenemunde!  The two documents to the left are original documents
belonging to test pilot Bernard Hohmann.  All of the photographs
are stamped and dated on the reverse sides.  To the right, a
photograph showing the combat version of the ME-163 Komet.
Several photos showing various
Luftwaffe and Wehrmacht items.  All
of the medals, awards, ribbons and
medal and badge cases are original
WWII era items as issued.  The display
case in the room shot (top left) was
custom built by Ari Woodworking, in
Gardena, California.   
An original,
of Germany's most
success fighter pilot,
Erich Hartmann.  
Hartmann achieved
352 air victories.
Close-up of the
Luftwaffe issued
Narvik shield.
Various Luftwaffe insignia
including Narvik Shield on
Luftwaffe backing, Long
Service Medal and Luftwaffe
stick-pin with knurled pin.
WWII German Officers Daggers:  
Wehrmacht (L) and Luftwaffe (R)
officers daggers.  Both daggers shown as
originally issued with correct portepees.  
The Wehrmacht dagger is shown along
with a Russian Front Medal and Infantry
Assault Badge.  The Luftwaffe dagger is
shown with a Luftwaffe Long Service
medal and metal tunic eagle insignia.
A nice example of a Luftwaffe Wehrpass issued to
a Luftwaffe soldier.  Wehrpass is complete with
entries and an original postcard sized photo of the
soldier it was issued to.
Two original war time photographs of Luftwaffe Chief
Herman Goering.  Both photographs are personal photos
taken of Goering during a visit to an unknown airfield.
Two WWII German era
song books.  Music formed
a central part of maintaining
morale with both the
military and the civilians of
Numerous German Police items.  The photograph on the
left shows a French made pistol produced for the German
Polizei, complete with original holster and two magazines.  
(On loan from the Greg Anderson collection.)   Photograph
on the right shows an original Polizei helmet (double decal)
with various Polizei photos and items including wartime
A few of the war time issued, Luftwaffe postcards in my
collection.  These postcards were issued to build morale for the
war and celebrated Knights Cross winners of the Luftwaffe.
In light of France's attitude toward the United States since the end of World War
Two, I came across and bought a few photographs I thought were a necessity for
my collection.  These three photographs (center top) are original, WWII era
photographs taken during the German occupation of France.  All three photographs
depict German soldiers posing with the famous Eiffel Tower in the background.  
Let us never forget, without England and the United States, the French would still
be speaking German.  The two photographs on the right and left sides are close ups
of the photographs in the center showing the detail of the soldiers, their uniforms
and their awards.
Luftwaffe Marksmanship Lanyard (Grade 1)
with original wartime photo showing
Luftwaffe soldier wearing the same grade of
the award.  The photo on the right is a war
time portrait photo in my collection, showing
another Luftwaffe soldier wearing his
Marksmanship Lanyard.  These were
awarded to individual soldiers for proficiency
in shooting everything from personal
weapons to flak guns.
Achtung!  None of the German items in my
collection depict Hitler.  Since the majority
of German Luftwaffe pilots were merely
soldiers, and not members of the Nazi Party
(N.A.S.D.P.), they simply represent aviators
who flew for their country during a time of
war.  A great number of German pilots were
outspoken against Hitler and many of his
policies, and these items are kept as
historical artifacts reflecting their bravery
as aviators.
Original wartime postcard
photos of German movie
actresses and pin-ups.  
Photos include pre-war and
war time actresses Luise
Ulrich and Jenny Jugo.
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100% original.  3.  Luftschutz helmet,
complete with original chinstrap and all
markings inside and out.  The two
Luftschutz helmet above, combined
with an original Luftschutz gas mask,
complete with original issue gas mask
canister.  Both the gas mask canister
and the gas mask are marked with the
same issue reference number, indicating
they are original to each other.  The gas
mask is complete with markings along
the top of the mask filter.