More from the same collection.  This page has offerings of original autographed items, including some very nice wartime signed items.  With the exception of
the wartime signed items, all of the autographs were obtained in person by the current collection owner.  All buyers will have a three days inspection period for
any of the items they purchase, and the items can be returned for a full refund providing the item is returned in the same condition in which it was shipped.  
All of the autographs are 100% guaranteed to be as described.  As these are being sold from a private collection, prices were established to allow for the
liquidation of the collection.  Please feel free to contact me with any comments or questions.  Have an offer, want multiple items, contact me!!

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Wartime Signed Autographs:
Private Collection Offerings
Item # B1   Hauptmann Herbert Ihlefeld

Herbert Ihlefeld - Well known Luftwaffe ace and
Knights Cross winner, achieving 130 air victories
during the war.  Ihlefeld was ultimately awarded the
Knights Cross with Oakleaves and Swords.  This is a
beautiful Rohr postcard with a nice signature across
the bottom.  The photo doesn't do it justice, really a
nice clear signature!

Item # B1 - $300.00
Item # B2  Korvettenkapitan Heinrich Liebe

In October 1938 he commissioned U-38 and made a total of nine patrols
with this boat. On his last patrol he sank eight ships for a total of 47,279
tons in the waters off Freetown, Africa.  Liebe would go on to command
U-38 for several years.  In July 1941 he left U-38 and served for three
years a staff member in the OKM (Oberkommando der Kriegsmarine,
German Navy High Command). From August 1944 to the end of the war
he served on the staff of the BdU.  He was credited with a total of 34
ships sunk during the war, earning the Knights Cross with Oakleaves.

Item # B2 - $300.00
Item # B3   Kapitanleutnant Henrich Lehmann-Willenbrock

Willenbrock was credited with 25 ships sunk (179,125 tons) and 2 ships
damaged (15,864 tons), ultimately earning the Knights Cross with Oakleaves.  
It was Willenbrock whos persona was used as the basis for the Uboat
Captain in Das Boot!  A beautiful clear wartime signature across the bottom
of the Hoffman postcard.  Would make a terrific addition to any Third Reich,
Kriegsmarine or Uboot collection.

Item # B3 - $300.00
Post-War Signed Autographs:
Item # B4      Kapitänleutnant Alfred Muser

Muser's autograph doesn't pop up too often. He was
awarded his Knights Cross on August 12, 1944, while
assigned to 8. Räumbootflottille.  A nice bold
signature on a card which is mounted together with
the photograph shown (signature on the lower
portion.)   Muser is identified in his own handwriting
on the reverse.  A rare Kriegsmarine Knights Cross

Item # B4 - $60.00
Item # B5               Hauptmann Johannes Richter

Richter earned his Knights Cross on September 30,
1944 while serving as a leutnant with
2./Panzergrenadier-Regiment 304.  A beautiful
photograph with a nice, bold signature.  Richter's
autograph is another one which does not pop up too
often, so here is a good opportunity to add this one to
your autograph of Third Reich collection.

Item # B5 - $40.00
Item # B6                Oberst Wolfgang Falck
At the outbreak of war Wolfgang Falck was Staffelkapitan of
8,/JG132 flying the Bf110 Zerstorer in the Polish Campaign. In
Feb 1940 he became Kommandeur 1./ZG1 and led it during the
Western campaign. From June 1940 Falck was appointed
Kommodore NJG1, the largest Geschwader in the Luftwaffe.
During this time the greatest Luftwaffe night Aces were under his
command. In July 1943 he joined the staff of Luftflotte Recih
where he was responsible for the day and night fighter defence
of the Reich. In the autumn of 1944 he was made Fighter Leader
in the Balkans, and later became head of staff for flying training.
Wolfgang Falck flew 90 operations and was awarded the
Knight's Cross.
A nice 8x10 photograph with Falck's hand signed autograph in
blue ink across the pilots helmet.

Item # B6 - $55.00
Photo autographed by Luftwaffe
Ace Ernst Scheufele
Item # B15

Photograph is approximately
, perfect for framing, and is
hand signed by Ernst Scheufele,
who finished the war with 18 air
Item # B7 - $25.00
Autographed photo of Knights Cross winner Walter Schuck

8x10 photograph, hand signed and autographed by Luftwaffe
Knights Cross winner Walter Schuck.  With 206 air victories,
Schuck is among the top scorers of the Luftwaffe during WWII.  He
ended his career flying Me-262 jet fighters with JG 7, ultimately
earning the Knights Cross with Oakleaves.
Item #B8    $40.00
Item # B9
Post-war, hand signed autographed photo of Ltn.
Josef Bürschgens, a 10 victory ace with JG 26.  
Bürschgens achieved his first air victory on
September 28, 1939 JG-26's first victory), and his last
victory on September 1, 1940, a Spitfire.  On that same
day, Bürschgens became a prisoner of war, ending
his combat career.

Item #B9 - $25.00     
Item # B10  The Legion Condor book signed by Knights Cross winner Hajo Hermann
A terrific reference book about the German Condor Legion and their service time in Spain.  The title page is hand
signed by Knights Cross winner Hajo Hermann in black ink.  As with all the other signatures offered, the signature
was obtained in person by the seller.  A terrific reference book and a terrific autograph.

Item # B10 - $50.00
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