The C.E. Daniel Collection
Chickasha, Oklahoma
WWII US Cadet Training in Photos
   This page displays small groupings on United States aviation cadets in photographs from various training
fields around the country during WWII.  If anyone knows the cadets named in the photos or has any additional
information about any of the men depicted in the photos, I would enjoy hearing from you.
Wilson and Bonfils Flying School, Chickasha, Oklahoma
Identified Chickasha aviation cadets, from left tor right:  Harold Bliss of Central City, Louisiana, George Harry Schaub of
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Stuart S. Shoulberg of Brooklyn, New York.  Shaub would go on to fly a B-25J with the
489th Bomb Squadron, 340 Bomb Group, 12th Air Force during the war.
Standing on the wing is "cadet Perkoski."
Above:  Two unknown female mechanics serving at
Chickasha for the Wilson & Bonfils Flying School.
Curtis Army Air Field
McCulloch County, Texas in WWII
This section shows a small grouping of wartime era photographs in my collection that were taken at Curtis Field during WWII.  Curtis Field served as an
airfield for primary flight training during the war for the United States Army Air Corps.  
Between 1941 and 1945, approximately 10,000 aviation cadets came and went from the school.  Approximately 85% of those who attended the school as
cadets and those who served at the school as instructors were Texans.  During WWII, 21 men would lose their lives while serving at Curtis Field, three of
those 21 men were flight instructors.  This page is dedicated to the aviation cadets and flight instructors who served at Curtis Field and small airfields like
it around the country throughout the war.  If anyone has any additional information about any of the men shown on this page, I would be interested to hear
from you.
Additional links related to Curtis Field and the men who served there:
Probably the most iconic feature of Curtis Field was the unique control tower.  The above is a
close-up of the photo to the left, showing several cadets sitting in front of the control tower, most
likely awaiting training flights.  The control tower was added to an already standing building, with
construction starting in 1940, and the control tower being operational in 1941.  The original building
the control tower was added to and a replica of the control tower are preserved in Brady, Texas.  
(See below for additional information.)
Off to the flight-line.  Cadets march casually to
the Curtis Field flight-line, each wearing the
basic Air Corps issued flight clothing.  Of
interest in the photo is the various types of
headgear being displayed by the cadets on their
way to another training flight.
The photo above on the left shows several aviation cadets in front of Barracks B.  The cadets are identified as (L to R):  Petersen, Anderson, Bunch, Colletti
and Creselinos.  Although hard to read in the photo, the small sign on the door reads:  "No animals are allowed in this building."  
The photo to the right shows a cadet identified as "M. Seagraves" passing in front of the Curtis Field Canteen or PX.  The small sign on the electrical pole
reads:  "Danger 2300 V." while the small sign on the door of the canteen reads:  "No dogs allowed inside this building."
Above:  An aviation cadet identified as "J.L. Natho "Johnny" posing with a Curtis Field BT-13.  Of interest in the photo is the CPTP patch clearly worn on the left
should of the cadet's uniform.  Close examination of the BT-13 reveals the lettering "Curtis Field" on the black portion of the upper cowling, just ahead of the
windscreen.  The BT-13 is serial #41-11404.
A favorite past time of the cadets during their down time was riding horses in the Texas countryside.  In the upper left photo, the two men are identified
only as "Heinlien and Hess."  The upper right photo is identified only "Richard Dye."  In the photograph on the left, the two are identified as "Richard and
Herbert Dye."  It is not known if these men are cadets or instructors.
C.J. Harlin
An unknown aviation cadet strikes
several poses along with one of the
Curtis Field BT-13A trainers.  As
with the aircraft shown below, the
BT-13 is serial #41-11404.
This photograph is identified as having been taken in September of
1943 at Curtis Field.  The only other notation on the photograph
indicates "primary flight training."
In conjunction with the photograph to the left, this photograph gives a little more
insight into the identities of a few of the men in both photographs.  This photograph has
a notation indicating "Primary-Last day."  From left to right, the men in the lower
photograph are identified as:  Marion W. Dennis, myself (unknown), Instructor Mr.
Wilson, and Amillio J. DeMeo.  A further notation identified these men as "the three of
the original five."  After comparing the lower photograph to the one above it, Marion
Dennis is seen second from the right in the above photo with Amillio DeMeo seen
second from the left in the above photo.  The cadet identified as "myself" is seen on
the far left in the above photo.  It is assumed that the other two cadets shown in the
top photograph did not finish primary flight training.  As with all of the photographs on
this page, if anyone has any additional information about any of these men, I would be
interested to hear from you.
Above:  A photo of advanced flight training Class 43-E, 6th Fighter Unit, 2nd Training Group Foster Field, Texas, May 24th, 1943.  These men, all fighter pilots, are named on the back of the
photo.  The names (R to L) are:
Bottom Row:  Kirkland, Kuhener, Molnar, May, Mentzer, Robinson, Ratliff, Lee, Carson, Jahnke, Hughes and Hoskins.
Row 2:  Murray, Jouret, Kovalenko, Mathis, McMahon L.P., Maddelena, Jernipan, Kyle, Howard, Murphy, Kingry, Hope, Hoover, Host and Moore.
Row 3: Orgish, Ruetter, Piat, Phelps, Lt. Brokaw, Lt. Vogt, Lt. Aldrich, Capt. Skudina, Lt. Ott, Lt. Ticton, Lt. Churchville, Lt. Mead, Murdy, Patterson and Johnston
Top Row:  Mast, Marquis, McFarland, McMahon R.C., Proctor, Prater, Meyer, Rosenblum, Johnston, Miller, Leonard C.W., Otero and Richard.  

If anyone has any additional information concerning the men of Class 43-E, Foster Field, Texas, I would enjoy hearing from you.
Above, five aviation cadets and their flight instructor stand in front of a PT-19, all but one has signed their
name to the photograph. From left to right the pilots are:  Jack Bruno, unknown, Fracis Fuhr, instructor Mr.
Frisch, Robert H. Armtstrong, and "Wrong Way" Bill Brenner.
A group of aviation cadets huddle together near one of the PT-19s at Curtis Field.
Curtis Field aviation cadets listen intently as a flight instructor addresses them from the running board of a
car.  Several of the cadets can be seen wearing gosport tubes on the sides of their flight helmets.
All of the photographs from Chickasha shown above were taken in October of 1942.
Left:  Harry Schaub (with flight helmet and
goggles) and J. S. Wilson, standing in front of
the Wilson & Bonfils Flying School.