Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you're interested in purchasing any of the items listed.  All of the items come from a non-smoking
collector's home.  Please refer to the item number if emailing about an item of interest.  All of the books were well cared for, showing little to no use at all.  Some of
the books are still wrapped in the original plastic wrapping they were shipped with from the publisher.  The vast majority of these books are long out of print, and all
of them are excellent resources for your reference library.  Many are First Editions as well.  (Ask for additional information in the book you are interested in.)  Thank
you for looking and again, please feel free to contact me with any questions.  
Have an offer, want multiple items, contact me!!
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Item # A1

Deutsche Reichsmarine Dienst und Leben der
Matrosen (Service and Life of the Sailor)
.  All of
the photographs are present in the book.  A
spectacular study of life as a German sailor
through paste-in photographs with pages depicting
rank and other information pertaining to the

Item # A1 - $40.00
Item # A2

Unsere Reichmarine Bilder aus den Leben der
.  Another Kriegsmarine book with
paste-in photographs.  Excellent details in the
photographs, which are all present.

Item # A2 - $40.00
Item # A5                       Wartime Publication

Yearbook for the German Navy (Kriegsmarine) from
1942.  An original wartime publication with clear dust
jacket.  Definitely an interesting item for the
Kriegsmarine collector!

Item # A5 - $35.00
Item # A3                        Wartime Publication

A 1943 edition of a German Kriegsmarine yearbook.  A very interesting
original 1943 book for anyone interested in the history of the Third Reich
Kriegsmarine.  Getting more difficult to find.  Shows normal use and wear from
service time and age, but still in terrific condition.

Item # A3 - $40.00
Item # A4                                Wartime Publication

"MOLDERS UND SEINE MANNER"  A chance to own an original
wartime copy
of this well known book about Knights Cross Winner Werner Molders!  Still has
the original cover which is in terrific condition.

Item # A4 - $40.00

Item # A9

On the Field of Honor:  History of the Knights Cross Winners, Vol. 2.  Another
amazing reference work by this well known author and getting harder to find.

Item # A9 - $40.00 (hardcover, no dust jacket)
Item # A14

Their Honor was Loyalty, well known as one of the best reference works available
on the topic of SS Knights Cross winners.  I have one used example of this book
(pictured) in excellent condition, no damage, storage wear if anything.  Perfect for a
working reference library.

One remaining copy as described above:  $50.00
Please feel free to contact me with any questions at:
Item # A10

book by Angolia, published by Bender publishing.  Another terrific Third Reich
medals reference book and priced to sell!  Another must have book for your
reference library.

Item # A10 - $35.00
Item # A11

For Fuhrer and Fatherland: Political and Civilian Awards of the Third Reich
(Updated edition).
 Another Angolia classic detailing the Political and Civilian
Awards of the Third Reich.  Another title getting tougher to find!

Item # A11 - $40.00
Private Collection Offerings
Autographed Items!!

Click on either photograph above to navigate to the Autographed Items page for both
"wartime" and post-war autographed items from the Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, Heer
and the German High Command.
Item # A6  "Konvoi in Sicht"  Heft 35, Kriegsbücherei der Deutschen
Wartime publication written for the "Deutschen Jugend."  Neat wartime booklet, 32 pages
in all, complete and in excellent condition, especially given its age.  The booklets is written
in German, and tells the story of the brave Uboat men fighting at sea.  Would be a terrific
addition to any HJ or Kriegsmarine collection.

Item # A 6 -  $30.00
Pre-War and Wartime Publications:
Item # A 7   Wartime postcard dated April 4,
1944 (4-4-44).  Interesting original wartime
stamps and cancellations with original
hand writing on the reverse side.

Item # A 7 - $5.00
Item # A8   Pre-war and Wartime Reichsmarks

A three item lot consisting of a 1922 dated 1,000 Reichmarks note, and two
1942 dated 5 Reichsmark notes.  All three sold together for one price.  All of
the notes are in good condition especially given their age, and ready for
display.  The bills are in terrific condition, they just don't scan well!

Item #A8 - $8.00
Item # A15        Terrific wartime postcard showing German soldiers crossing a river in an inflatable assault boat.  The scan
does not do it justice as this is a beautiful postcard, in terrific condition!  (The scan makes it appear grainy, it is
You will not be disappointed with its appearance.  Definitely one of those have to have postcards for your Third Reich era
postcard or Wehrmacht collection.

Item # A15 - $15.00
Post-War Autographed :  Knights Cross Winners/Aces
Knights Cross Winner
Photograph autographed by Knights Cross winner Major Arno Pfeuffer.  Pfeuffer
was awarded the Knights Cross on August 7, 1944 as a Rittmeister, Commander  
Aufkl. Abt. 332.  Pfeuffer survived the war and ultimately ended his German military
career as an Oberstleutnant der Reserve in the Bundeswehr.  Nice image showing his
Knights Cross.  The photograph is autographed in blue ink along the bottom right
corner of the photograph.  

Item # A16  $20.00
Knights Cross Winner
Leutnant Friedrich Raaf, born May 25, 1920.  Awarded the Knights Cross on
January 18, in the scan, but nice strong autograph along the bottom of the
photograph in black ink.  
Item # A17  $20.00
IWO on the newly commissioned U-107 under Kptlt. Hessler. Before he left the boat
in July 1941, he had taken part in the most successful patrol of the war.
He commissioned U-159 in October 1941 and operated in the waters of Panama on
his second patrol. On his third patrol U-159 was a part of the wolfpack Eisbär, which
operated in the waters off Capetown in September 1942. He left the boat in June 1943
and served from then until the end of the war in several staff positions.

Item #A18   $30.00
Knights Cross Winner Oberleutnant Anton Ritter.  Born December
14, 1919.  Won the Knights Cross on December 24, 1944 while serving
with the 3 Grenadier Regiment 88  15 Infanterie Division.  Signature
in black ink along the lower right corner of the photograph.

Item #A19     $25.00
Knights Cross Winner Oberfeldwebel Adolf Baum.  
Won the Knights Cross on March 26, 1944.  Signature
on the reverse side of the photo with the KC winners
address stamp.

Item #A20      $15.00
Oberfeldwebel Georg Pollner, Zugfuhrer 3./Pz. AA 110.  Nice strong
signature in black ink along the bottom of the photograph.  Difficult to see
the autograph in the scan, but the signature is strong and easy to see in
person.  Really nice, strong autograph!

Item #A21      $25.00
Knights Cross Winner
ink.  Excellent details in the crisp, clear photograph.  Would make a
beautiful addition to any collection.

Item #A22         $25.00
Knights Cross Winner Hubert Schmidt-Gigo.  Interesting lot with one
photograph showing Gigo during the war in uniform and a more modern
photograph of Gigo.  Both photographs autographed by Gigo in black
ink.  Both photographs included.

Item #A23      $25.00  (Both)
All of the photographs listed below are original, pre-1945, wartime photographs.  NO reproductions.
Item #A34
A nice photograph showing a large grouping of German soldiers.  Excellent uniform details with the officer posed near the center of the

Item #A34   $8.00
Item #A35
A nicely stylized photograph of three Luftwaffe men.  Obviously they paid a little extra for the added effect of the shading around the
photo.  Nicely sized photograph, not the small personal size.
Item #A35     $7.00
Item #A38
A nice period photograph of an air gunner with his
model Luftwaffe dagger
.  A terrific photo with good
uniform details and a nice view of an early, 1st model
Luftwaffe dagger as worn.

Item #A38   $7.00
Item #A37
A nice postcard sized photograph of a Luftwaffe man
wearing his summer visor cap.  His tunic displays his SA
Sports badge, appears to be in bronze.  I had originally had
this photograph displayed along with the SA Sports Badge
listed on one of my other "for sales" pages.  A nice, crisp
clear photo and nicely sized.

Item #A37    $7.00
Item #A36
Another old guard Luftwaffe soldier.  Undoubtedly this man
was another "retread" from WWI, again serving the German
military during WWII.  A nice show of a Luftwaffe man
holding his 2nd model Luftwaffe dagger.  Displays nicely
along side an original Luft dagger.

Item #A36       $7.00
Item #A33
A terrific wartime photograph of five uniformed Luftwaffe
men.  A nicely sized photograph, larger than the normal small
personalized sized usually encountered, showing terrific
uniform detail of these five men.

Item #A33      $8.00
Item #A32
One of the more rare views of a Luftwaffe man and his
family.  A nice period photograph from the German
homefront during the war.  Postcard sized.

Item #A32   $5.00
Item #A31
A nice period photograph of a Luftwaffe enlisted man and his
wife or girlfriend.  Aside from the brilliant insignia on the left
sleeve of his tunic, the soldier also clearly displays an NSFK
glider proficiency badge on the left front portion of his tunic.  
Another terrific uniform detailed photograph.  This is a nice
sized photograph and not one of the small, personal sized
German photos usually encountered.

Item #A31 $5.00
Item #LW8
A nice postcard sized photograph of an old guard Luftwaffe
soldier, displaying his WWI wound badge and ribbons on his
tunic.  He is holding his 2nd model Luftwaffe dagger to his
side complete with portepee!  A nice uniform detailed
photograph of an old guard Luftwaffe soldier.  Would make a
nice addition along side a 2nd model dagger!

Item #A30   $5.00
Item # LW7
Original era photograph showing three Luftwaffe
Flak men posing together.  The soldier in the
center has numerous awards and a terrific flak
insignia on the left sleeve of his tunic.  A nice
original photo showing a lot of uniform detail
for these three flak soldiers!

Item #A30  $8.00
Item #A24
This is a small grouping of items, all related to the same Luftwaffe enlisted soldier who served in an unknown capacitywith
the III Gruppe of fighter unit JG 26.  The grouping consists of three photographs of the Luftwaffe man, one of him in his
Luft uniform, another with his girlfriend/wife, and their wedding photo.  The group also contains a Feldpost card, dated
April 26, 1940, with extensive writing on the reverse side, and period Third Reich stamps on the front. A good research
project especially if you can read the old German writing on the Feldpost!  All of the photos are postcard sized!

Item #A24   $27.00
This is a set of three original wartime era photographs of the same Luftwaffe man.  All of the photos are postcard sized!  
Terrific uniform details on this very studious Luftwaffe man!!  The center photograph scanned odd but is perfectly clear!  
The photograph on the right is dated on the reverse, April 22,1944.  A nice set of three original wartime photographs to
one man.

Item #A25     $20.00
Item #A26
A three photograph grouping all related to the same Luftwaffe man and his sweetheart/wife.  All of the photographs are
postcard sized with one showing him and his wife prior to getting married, a photo of them exiting the chapel at their
wedding, and the third photograph showing the Luftwaffe man with his small daughter.  The photograph with the daughter
is dated 1944, while the other two photographs are dated 1941.  A nice three photograph German home front grouping all
related to the same man.

Item #A26    $20.00
Item #A27
A three photograph grouping related to a Luftwaffe man and his wife.  All three photographs are postcard sized and are
original era photos.  All three photographs are dated 1939 on the reverse sides. The left sleeve of the Luftwaffe man
clearly displays his Luftwaffe flight personnel's trade badge.  One can only imagine if he survived the war!  A nice three
photograph set related to the German home front at the start of the war.

Item #A27    $20.00
Item #A28       
A set of two photographs showing the same very stern looking Luftwaffe man.  His 1st model Luftwaffe dagger can clearly be seen
along with the attached portepee.  A neat set of two photographs to the same man.  Neither photograph is dated but both appear to be
early war photos.  Both photos are approximately 4 1/2 x 3 inches in size.

Item #A28   $8.00
Item #A29
Two small format photographs of the same Luftwaffe man's wedding.  Neither photograph is dated, and both are
printed on Agfa film paper.  Both photos measure approximately 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches in size.

Item #A29     $7.50
NOTE:  The items below are currently on hold.  Please check back for updates related to the items below
and additional items to be added.
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