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100%.  If you live in or near Southern California, arrangements can be made to pick
up an item to save on shipping.  Combine items to save on shipping.
Additional Wartime Items (Guaranteed 100% pre-1945):                                          
This is a complete set of original, WWII (pre-1945) era buttons to complete an
officers jacket.  These came off of a tan Army Air Corp officers jacket that had seen
much better days.  This complete set of buttons show honest wear but are in good
condition and would easily complete that officers jacket you have that is missing
buttons.  100% original!

1904-1905 Russo-Japanese war Medal.  Beautiful condition, all original
medal with a nice patina and ready to display.  An award often already
achieved by many higher ranking Japanese officers before WWII

The uniform items listed below are items I am selling for a friend.  Some of them are in terrific condition, others have
wear and a moth hole or two.  See the text next to the item for a detailed description.  If you have any questions,
please feel free to contact me.  Because THESE items are not my items, I can not make trades on these uniform
This is a beautiful example of an Army Air Corp. officers winter
overcoat, all original and complete.  This example is one of the
nicest I have seen in a long time, clean and complete with no
mothing.  Would make a great addition to that Army Air Corp. tunic
you have!  Has a nice, Army Regulation label inside.  Really a nice
example.  (Click photographs for better view or jacket and label.)

$50.00  (Shipping is $10.00 for this item)
This is a beautiful chocolate Army officers shift, complete with all
the buttons and in good condition.  Would make an excellent
addition to that Army Air. Corp. tunic display!  Also has a nice,
original wartime label inside the shirt.  (Click on the photographs
for a better view of the shirt and the label.)

WWII issue enlisted mans jacket with
one hash mark on sleeve and ruptured
duck emblem on right breast.  Great
condition for its age and ready to be
displayed with your insignia!
(Shipping is $8.00 for this item.)
WWII issue enlisted mans khaki shirt,
with Ruptured Duck emblem on right
breast.  Great condition and would
display well under an enlisted jacket in
your collection.
(Shipping is $5.00 for this item.)
WWII issue enlisted jacket with Sergeant
stripes and one rocker.  In great
condition.  Would make a nice display
item with additional insignia.

WWII issue enlisted mans tan shirt, with
sergeant stripes and one rocker.  Would
go nicely with the jacket to the right
which has the same rank insignia.  Ready
for display!!
(Shipping is $5.00 for this item.)
WWII issue, long wool winter coat.  
This is the coat that kept our troops
warm during this cold, European winters.
 In great condition and ready to be
displayed with your Army uniform
display.  Very heavy.

WWII U.S. Army Officers jacket, plain
with all original buttons in place and in
good condition.  Would dress out nicely
with the appropriate insignias!

Reference/Display items/Post-War items:                                                               
Neat display accessory to display the prized rings in your
collection.  These are small acrylic circles that are flexible with a
notch on each side to put inside your ring and suspend them off
your glass display shelf, making them easier to view and protect
them from being damaged.  I have a small quantity of them and
I am letting them go in sets of 5 for $1.50.  Total with shipping
is $2.00 for 5.
This is a complete set of four first day covers commemorating "Classic American Aircraft"
from World War Two.  These came out in 1996 when the United States Postal Service
issued the aircraft stamps in limited numbers.  The four aircraft on the envelopes are the
B-17, the F4F Wildcat, the P-51 Mustang and the F4U Corsair.  Excellent, excellent
platforms to obtain aviation autographs!!

This is a post-war Segelfliger (Glider pilot) "C" certificate lapel stick-pin.  
Excellent condition, great enamel!  Also has a knurled pin like the WWII
variants.  Would be a nice gift for any current glider/sailplane pilot.  
Appears to be 1950's vintage.

Russian Stamp set:  Interesting and hard to find 7 stamp
set honoring winners of the Hero of the Soviet Union.  The
enlarged stamp at the right shows the detail in the stamps.  
All 7 stamps are in terrific condition with full gum on the
reverse.  Hard to find, hard to find.  Would make an
interesting addition to any Russian collection.

To Purchase an item:  To order an item or to make a trade offer, please click on "Kilroy" and send me an
email indicating which item you are interested in.  In the case of a trade, indicate which item you are interested
in and what you are proposing to trade.  I will answer all emails within 24 hours.
More items to be added in the very near future!
I will gladly accept Paypal for anything purchased
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LEFT:  Wing Commander John Connell Freeborn
(DFC), this is a beautiful 5x7, glossy autographed photo
of Mr. Freeborn.  Winner of the Distinguished Flying
Cross, Freeborn participated in the Battle of Britain and
ultimately achieved 13.5 air victories!  The autographed
photo comes with a nice 5x7 cards printed with Mr.
Freeborn's biographic and wartime information.  
Purchased many years ago through the Battle of Britain
Association, the photograph is numbered #32 of 200 with
hologram on reverse side!!  Really attractive photo and
good autograph.  

RIGHT:  Wing Commander Thomas Francis Neil (DFC), this
is a beautiful 5x7, glossy autographed photo of Mr. Neil.  
Winner of the Distinguished Flying Cross, Neil participated in
the Battle of Britain and ultimately achieved 13.58 air victories!  
The autographed photo comes with a nice 5x7 cards printed
with Mr. Neil's biographic and wartime information.  Purchased
many years ago through the Battle of Britain Association, the
photograph is numbered #194 of 200 with hologram on reverse
side.!!  Really attractive photo and good autograph.
A very difficult Battle of Britain autograph to find!  Generally
sells for around $100.00!

Left:  Similar to the ones shown in the complete set below, this is an extra Armed
Forces Reserve medal I have.  This is one of the early versions,
, and is in great condition, nice age patina and the attachment
device is in great condition.

Left:  WWII era U.S. Navy sleeve rating.  This is
a matched pair, both in excellent condition and
never used.  Neither glows in black light and both
look terrific.  These are often found in lower
ranks, but generally not easy to find this ranking.  
Would look terrific with other Navy items.

$10.00 for pair
WWII era Western Union, Army Air Corp telegram.  Original WWII era telegram in its original Western
Union telegram envelope.  Telegram is named to Aviation Cadet Merrill C. Hinkerson, would make a
great research project.  (More to be added.)

Erich Hartmann (German Edition):  This is the German language, hard cover edition of this well known
book about the world's greatest ace, Erich Hartmann.  With 352 air victories he will forever be the worlds
greatest ace to ever live.  Excellent pictorial history of Hartmann's life from a young boy and throughout his
military career.  Lots of rare photos and excellent detail about the planes, equipment and other aces.  Hard to
German language skills.  Over 290 pages!
The SdKfz 251 Half Track:  Osprey-Vanguard edition #32, providing an in depth study of this amazing war
machine.  40 page soft cover book with many detailed photographs of the various models of this famous half
track that was pressed into service, including several pages with color plates showing the correct colors used
on these machines.  A wealth of information for any German collector or modeler!  Good condition.
U-Boote; 1935-1945 History of the Kriegsmarine U-Boats:  This is an illustrated survey of the submarines
of the "Kriegsmarine" (German Navy) during World War II, with many rare, unpublished photographs and
profiles. Complete technical data about the main types and prototypes is provided.  Hard cover edition in or
submarine enthusiast.

The Rocket and the Reich
Excellent book concerning the political and technical matters of the V-2 (A-4) missile development. As the
book is intended for a general audience the coverage of the technology is sufficient for the purpose of the
book but not extremely detailed.  This is also clear from the title of the book. The description of the political
background and military situation is done in a very clear way.  Hard cover edition with dust jacket in good

Das Reich; The Military Role of the 2nd SS Division:  Excellent account of the accomplishments and
role played by the 2nd SS Das Reich division during WWII.  A must read for any SS enthusiast and
collector.  Hard cover edition with dust jacket, minor storage wear to dust jacket.  
I am selling off a large number of books from my library.  All of these books have been read through at least once.  However,
the books are in good condition and at the most, may have minor wear from storage and where indicated, some dust on the
books are really pretty good.  I don't want to make a fortune on these, I would just like to see them go to a good home.  Please
feel free to contact me with any questions.  The books are not 100% perfect, but do come from a collection where they were
the books are in good condition and at the most, may have minor wear from storage and where indicated, some dust on the
looked after and will continue to serve the next researcher/collector for many years to come.  I would prefer to ship these
priority mail, but I can also send them at the media rate.  If you live in Southern California, arrangements can also be made to
spine.  Otherwise, they are in good condition.  If you check prices around the internet, you will see that my prices for these pick
any of the book photos for a more detailed view.)any of the book photos for a more detailed view.)
possession of WWII items that simply fall outside the range of items I collect.  I will offer those items here on the "for sales"
pages for other collectors interest.  Items I purchase from private sellers are generally items that remain permanently in my
badges, awards, trophies, plaques, etc.  If you have an NSFK item and would like to trade for something on my "for sales"
page, please feel free to contact me!  Thank you again for taking the time to visit the website and for your interest in WWII
Items for Sale/Trade
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Medal of Honor Recipient Michael J. Daly  US Army  WWII
Lt. Michael J. Daly earned his medal of honor on April 18, 1945 at Nuremberg, Germany.  
A German machine gun caught his unit in an exposed position and Daly ordered his men to
take cover, dashed forward alone and wiped out that machine gun nest. As his unit
continued the advance, he ran into an enemy patrol armed with rocket launchers which
threatened friendly armor. Again he went forward alone and opened fire on the Germans,
killing all six of them. He continued wiping out two more German machine gun nests. By
the end of the day he had killed 15 Germans, silenced 3 machine guns and wiped out an
entire patrol.  This first day cover is hand signed by Daly and was obtained directly from
Medal of Honor Recipient Robert Galer  WWII
Galer, a USMC fighter pilot, earned the Medal of Honor for shooting down 11 enemy
planes in 29 days while leading a squadron at Guadalcanal.  He also earned the Navy
Cross, the Legion of Merit with combat "V", the Distinguished Flying Cross with one gold
star, a Purple Heart, the Air Medal air victories.  Galer was promoted to brigadier general
upon his retirement in 1957, after 21 years of service.  Retired Brig. Gen. Robert E. Galer
died at a Dallas , Tex. , hospital at the age of 91 on June 27, 2005 .  This first day cover is
hand signed by Galer and was obtained directly from him many years ago before his
Medal of Honor Recipient Richard Bush  US Army  WWII
After being wounded in battle, Bush was evacuated a short distance from the front lines.  
Although prostrate under medical treatment when a Japanese hand grenade landed in the
midst of the group, Cpl. Bush, alert and courageous in extremity as in battle,
unhesitatingly pulled the deadly missile to himself and absorbed the shattering violence of
the exploding charge in his body, thereby saving his fellow marines from severe injury or
death despite the certain peril to his own life.  This first day cover is hand signed by Bush
and was obtained directly from him many years ago.
first day cover is hand signed by Bush and was obtained directly from him many years ago.

Medal of Honor Recipient Van Barfoot  WWII
Barfoot charged a machinegun nest and made a direct hit on it with a hand grenade, killing 2
and wounding 3 Germans. He continued along the German defense line to another
machinegun emplacement, and with his tommygun killed 2 and captured 3 soldiers.
Members of another enemy machinegun crew then abandoned their position and gave
themselves up to Barfoot.  Barfoot went on to capture 17 German soldiers, defended his
position with a bazooka from three German Panzers, destroyed a field gun and rescued two
seriously wounded American soldiers to safety before the end of the day.  This first day
cover is hand signed by Barfoot and was obtained directly from him many years ago.

Purchase all four of the above MOH signed first day covers for $100.00, plus shipping, and save $30!
The Green Heart Squadron JG-54.  Another good chance to play with your German language skills
while looking at the many detailed photographs of the pilots and aircraft of The Green Heart Squadron!  
A hard to find book at a decent price in English, even harder to find in the German language edition!  
Paperback edition in good condition.

Classic American Aircraft cover with $.32 cent US P-38 stamp.  Autographs are in
pencil and include Jack Purdy, Perry J. Dahl, John Loisel, James Ince, Joe Forster,
H.B. Reeves, and Warren Lewis.  ALL American WWII aces.  In excellent condition.
 All autographs obtained in person at the same time.  Click on picture for detail.

United States Naval Ace James B. Cain.  I meet Mr. Cain over lunch at his home and he
was kind enough to autograph a few items for me.  Unfortunately he has passed away.  
He achieved 8 1/2 air victories and went on to fight through Vietnam!  He was also a
technical advisor for "War and Remembrance".  Really tremendous service history in
Mr. Cain's career and a true gentleman!