Danielsww2 Wanted Items Page:
This page was put together to show a number of items I am currently searching for.  If you
have any of the items shown below and you are interested in parting with them, please feel
free to contact me.  If for some reason I am not interested in the item, I will be happy to
give you a fair estimate of its value and possibly direct you to someone who may be
interested in the item.  Thank you for taking the time to visit the "Wanted Items" page.
NSFK membership badges, certificates of proficiency, sponsor's
badges and stick-pins.  Regarding proficiency badges, I am only
looking for pre or wartime, numbered badges.
Pre-1945 photographs, paperwork, and postcards relating to the
NSFK and/or DLV.  
Pre-1945 photographs of Luftwaffe soldiers displaying NSFK
proficiency badges on their uniforms, like the photograph shown to
the left.  Also looking for pre-1945 photograph showing
Luftwaffe soldiers wearing any model dagger.

Note:  Also searching for pre-1945 photographs showing civilian
wear of the NSFK proficiency or membership badges.
Awards, plaques or trophies related to the NSFK, Luftwaffe or DLV.
Pre-1945 photographs showing Luftwaffe soldiers with the Eiffel Tower
or other Paris landmarks in the background.
1930's and pre-1945 photographs and postcards relating
to the Fliegerdenkmal and Wasserkuppe/Rhon gliding
This page will undoubtedly change as time passes.  Please check back occasionally
and see what new items have been added.  If you have an interesting item, even if
it is not listed on this page, please still feel free to contact me.
I live in Southern California.  If you live in the Southern California area and have some WWII
items that you are interested in parting with, please feel free to contact me.  I would be happy
to look at the items and identify them for you.  Even if they are items that will not fit into my
collection, I know collectors who collect all aspects of WWII and I will always pay cash for
items I purchase.
Do you have something with the winged man (Icarus) figure on it, or items that look similar to the ones below?  If
so, I would most likely be interested in the item.  Just send me an email and a photo of the item and we can go from
I am also looking for original versions of these postcards!  I would be interested in
hearing from anyone who happens to have any of the above postcards for sale.  Thank
I am also looking for original, pre-1945 photographs of a specific German glider, one which is marked with
the following call numbers/identification numbers on the side of the glider: